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“Enter into children’s play and you will find the place where their minds, heart, and souls meet.”

- Virginia Axline

Based in Canberra ACT, ProPlay Therapy provides a place and space where children can express themselves, explore, discover, learn, grow and heal in the most natural and best way they know how ... through play

Play Therapy can help address a range of difficulties experienced by children. It can help with social, emotional and behavioural issues, childhood trauma, and can help children with special needs.

Through the power of play, facilitated by a caring, experienced Play Therapist, children can learn to address and resolve their own problems. They can learn to express their feelings, make sense of confusing and difficult experiences, build self-esteem and confidence, develop problem-solving skills and resiliency, learn a variety of ways of relating to others, and more.

The Therapeutic Powers Of Play

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