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About Us

“The relationship between the child and the therapist is the vehicle for dynamic growth and healing. The power of play itself helps produce the change."

- Baratton and Ray, (2022, p370)

Our Mission and Objectives

Our mission is to honour the whole child and provide an inclusive and dynamic Play Therapy service that enables children to reach their fullest potential and fosters love and hope for the child and their families.

Our objectives are to:

  • Provide a safe environment where each child feels accepted, supported and encouraged to express themself;
  • Strive to prevent and heal emotional and psychologican difficulties using the therapeutic powers of play;
  • Use an integrative therapeutic approach that supports the cultural background, needs and strengths of each child;
  • Bring the values of Play Therapy to children and their families.

When and where the heart and the soul of the therapist meets the child’s healing happens! The relationship between the child and the therapist as the vehicle for dynamic growth and healing. The power of play itself helps produce the change. The power of the therapeutic medium and the process itself helps lead the growth (Virginia Axline, Drewes & Schaefer, Baratton & Ray, 2022, p370, Eileen and Judi 2021, p4).

Meet the Therapist

ProPlay Therapy therapist - Jacquereen

Jacquereen Huang

Bachelor of Psychology
Master of Child Play Therapy
Registered Play Therapist
Supervisor | Registration no 18026

Jacquereen Huang is a Registered Play Therapist and Supervisor, and founder of ProPlay Therapy. She is clinically focused on integrating various Play Therapy modalities/methods into school and community settings: Humanistic, Filial and ‘Learn to Play’ therapies. She has also specialised in Integrative Play Therapy and Trauma-informed Play Therapy. See our Services page for more information on the 3 primary therapy modalities offered.

With almost 10 years of professional experience in play-based counselling and child play therapy, Jacquereen has worked with children from a spectrum of situations and experiencing various difficulties and issues, including emotional, social and behavioural issues, childhood trauma, as well as special needs. Her particular areas of interest are self-expression, accessing the subconscious, catharsis and abreaction, positive emotion, therapeutic relationship, empathy, resilience, self-regulation and self-esteem.

Jacquereen is currently a member of the Australasia Pacific Play Therapy Association (APPTA) and is a former Asia Representative of APPTA. She volunteered in the promotion and enhancement of professional play therapy practice and supported play therapists in the field.

Jacquereen is fluent in English, Mandarin and Cantonese, and has worked with people from various backgrounds. Her sensitivity and receptiveness to cultural diversity gives her a broader perspective and awareness of cultural considerations, influences and challenges faced by individuals. She is passionate about positively impacting the lives of people around her and finds great joy and fulfilment in seeing the progress and transformation that can take place for a child and in hearing the feedback she receives from the children and their families.